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Case Study - 2B Brilliant - A fresh approach to a brilliant HR Consultancy

2B Brilliant is the new face of a longstanding successful HR consultancy business, 2bhr. Amanda, who founded the businesses over 20 years ago has helped a variety of businesses deliver change, transformation and evolution, with their people at the heart of it.

And like many other businesses, Covid drove a change in the challenges her clients were facing. Employee engagement became more important than ever with brands struggling to compete and retain their top talent. With PWC reporting in 2023 that “58% of HR leaders consider finding, attracting, and retaining talent is their biggest challenge”, it’s become table stakes to deliver an employee experience that is people first.

This change drove 2bhr to consider what they stand for and how they will help their clients in the future. And so 2B Brilliant was born. With the focus and ambition to help empower people to become brilliant leaders and teams.

Amanda turned to Fresh Edit to help with this rebrand and digital marketing challenge. 2B Brilliant reflected a new vision, a new strategy, a new message, and so the branding needed to portray that to their existing and new customers. Furthermore, they needed a new website which represented what they stand for and how they will help their clients in the future. Fresh Edit provided a full marketing mentoring and digital design service from defining the approach, designing the logo & website through to building and launching their new website.

Digital Design Services

We continue to work closely with the 2B Brilliant team with ongoing marketing consultancy to deliver ongoing implementation and optimisation of their marketing strategy to help them reach new audiences with their rich knowledge of how to drive organisational change that makes a positive impact to their people.

Quote from Amanda:

“Kerry has been Motivating, supportive, efficient and gently challenging! After putting off the rebrand for some time, Kerry patiently guided and encouraged me by setting up a fresh new website and educating me on the practicalities of social media for business. Kerry is an energetic expert, exactly what you need at a time of change.The whole process was professional and enjoyable. I would 100% recommend Kerry & Fresh Edit”

Quote from Kerry

“Having worked with Amanda for several years I can see the depth of knowledge, experience and passion she has for the individuals and teams she works with. She brings a unique level of compassion with skill to truely drive change. I am thrilled to have helped Amanda through this journey and am excited for a Brilliant future together!”

Need help to build transform or change your business to bring a fresh perspective. Connect with us at Fresh Edit for an obligation free chat to see how we can help. We can take a range of approaches to suit your needs, budget and timelines covering digital design, marketing mentoring or marketing strategy.

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