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Career Coaching Case Study: Female Leader

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Confidence at work is an ongoing challenge for many, even in senior roles. This client approached Fresh Edit as they were struggling with feeling content in their role. On paper, the role was everything they wanted but they felt overlooked, disengaged and increasingly frustrated. The client read this article and its really resonated.

From then we have been working together to help the client establish what’s important, what they want to gain from their career and give them create a career plan they are excited about.

Through leadership coaching fresh Edit used the ‘Motivators’ exercise (link) and coping mechanisms in difficult conversations which helped the client gain clarity on whats important, leaving them feeling like their career was now working for them. We concluded with the client saying they felt more free in their career than ever before and more confident in their unique skills than ever before. They now had empathy for difficult colleagues but also tools to help them deal with problematic situation into the future.

"I would 1000% recommend Kerry."

The client set their own goals but also some new challenge they want to take on.

I am thrilled with the transformation with this client and get such pride when i see someone leaving a leadership coaching programme feeling empowered, confident and self assured.

We asked the client for feedback and wanted to share it.

Tell us about the outcomes you have achieved from coaching?

Laser clarity for the first time around what is important to me in my career, where I work, and who I work for. I also developed a better understanding of my boundaries, as well as practical advice to navigate situations I have historically found difficult.

What impact has coaching had?

For a long time, I've made my career a huge area of focus and personal growth. However, at the start of the year I realised that I was no longer getting the same level of development or enjoyment from it, which left me feeling confused, drained, and being honest.. somewhat lost.

Is there anything else you'd have liked to have done differently?

No, the sessions I had really did cater to the challenges I was experiencing at the time.

Would you recommend Kerry & Fresh Edit?

I would 1000% recommend Kerry. Not only did she listen and understand without judgement, she helped me to really understand my personal drivers, behaviours, as well as my limits. This has given me renewed energy, as well as a clearer view of what is important to me in my career (both present and future).

Kerry, Fresh Edit's Career Coach:

I absolutely loved working with this client and help them find clarity and confidence in their career. It’s incredibly rewarding.

Using simple tools and techniques, as well as my own experience, the client was able to help identify, for themselves, what was important. What I learnt most from this experience however is the need for an objective person to listen whilst women are climbing through the corporate ladder. But also to have someone rooting for you, on your team. I was thrilled I was able to provide the client a reassuring and supportive perspective to help them find their own answers.

You can find out more about our coaching services and the approaches we take here, although we would also work together to agree a programme and approach that works exactly for you.

If you're stuck in your career, facing challenges at work or struggling to establish a work life balance that suits you, get in touch for an obligation free chat to see if we can work together.


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