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It's common to hit a roadblock, feel the dreaded 'Imposter Syndrome' or lose motivation of what you're doing.

Trust me, I've been there. I've always taken my job incredibly personally, I'm all in and have faced challenges along the way, and guess what, I've burnt out, a few times. 

And whilst I haven't found that magic silver bullet, I have learnt many things along the way. How to find the 'balance' and when it's not there, how to extract myself out. I have also learnt how to embrace the uniqueness I bring and encourage others to always do the same.

I have also worked with many people, mainly emerging females leaders and helped them identify how to navigate their career, overcome the challenges they are facing and empowered them to take control of their career.

Don't adapt yourself to suit a company, find a company that embraces you.

"Kerry’s coaching was invaluable in helping to grow my confidence one key area I wanted to work on. I loved Kerry’s coaching style and how we worked well together and her knowledge and experience within digital businesses was first class. Kerry is truly passionate about supporting people and helping them grow."




"Kerry has very sharp business acumen, high integrity and is not afraid to challenge when needed - this is always so refreshing to find someone with this rare quality. She is passionate about digital and going the extra mile for her company and I hope I have the chance to work with her again in the future."


"Kerry is a driven professional leader in digital CX. She brings the great balance of customer obsession along with a vast experience in marketing tech. She delivers vision and energy to everything she gets involved with, embracing challenges with an open minded intelligence and highly collaborative approach."


"She has always been extremely driven, professional and forward thinking when it comes to solving business-critical problems and challenges. She has a very deep knowledge and understanding of both enterprise technology and its wider business applications to deliver significant results across the entire organisation."

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