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Digital Design Case Study: ISM Consulting

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

ISM Consulting is an incredibly exciting new recruitment agency who focused on the pioneering, innovative space of MedTech. After years of experience in this space, the founder, Izzy, is launching her own consultancy to help businesses find the unique talent they need to grow.

She turned to Fresh Edit to help create a brand and digital presence for ISM Consulting. Working together we ensured her brand reflected the highly technical and innovative industry whilst showcasing the flair, personality and passion she has for MedTech.

ISM Consultings new digital presence had to work for both hiring MedTech businesses but also candidates. Izzy brings her unique approach combining AI tools & resources, a vast network as well deep knowledge within the MedTech space to provide a truly personalised and considered approach, all of which needed to be reflected.

Working together, Fresh Edit & ISM Consulting have created a digital presence that is ready to springboard her business for this fast paced innovative industry and help finding winning talent across the board.

"Kerry knows what she is doing and gets the job done to a very high standard taking up very little of your time."

1. What attracted you to work with Kerry & Fresh Edit?

Having near to no creativity myself I needed someone extremely creative and experienced who could build my website from the ground up. I hadn't a clue about logo ideas, colour schemes or where to even start on my website! Kerry reassured me that she would take control of this and create something fun yet professional for my new recruitment business. A big thing for me was the time that I knew I would get back from Kerry taking this into her own hands, she didn't have to go back and forth with me on ideas she just created something and showed me a couple of times throughout the process to ensure I was happy with the colour scheme and format.

2. How did you find the process working with Kerry?

A breeze!! Kerry knows what she is doing and gets the job done to a very high standard taking up very little of your time. The website and logo were created in a short timeframe and within 2 weeks it was completed and live.

3. Did you achieve your outcomes and if so, please expand?

Absolutely! I didn't want it to look generic nor did I want it to look like all the other recruitment agencies out there. I wanted fun colours as opposed to the basics but wanted to keep its professional touch. Kerry created this perfectly and came up with the whole website, I gave her very little input and the final results are incredible!

4. Is there anything in the process or outcomes you would like to improve or provide feedback on?

No, the whole process was extremely pain-free and I am so happy with the results!

5. Would you recommend Kerry & Fresh Edit?

Without a doubt! Not only did Kerry build my website and create my logo, but I also had some technical issues when it was launched and she went above and beyond to solve these issues.

6. Any final comments or feedback?

"Whether you have a vision and need someone to bring it to life or if you have no vision but are in need of someone to build you a website, Kerry at Fresh Edit has it under control! Highly recommend Kerry, she goes above and beyond!"

What Kerry, Fresh Edit, has to say on working with ISM Consulting:

“I loved working with ISM Consulting. The blend of advanced tech with a highly personable team was exciting to bring through in the website. Izzy is highly capable and knows her customers and industry so well, and so that needed to shine through in a professional and relevant way. I am thrilled with the outcome and can’t wait to see how ISM Consulting goes from strength to strength."

If you’re looking for a brand, digital website and marketing help to launch your new business, get in touch. Prices are offered for a range of budgets and we will create a totally bespoke solution to your business. Fresh Edit’s Digital Design process helps you navigate everything from design, technical and launch strategies. Get in touch for an obligation free chat today.



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