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Digital Design Case Study: Dandelion Hypnotherapy

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Run by Simona, Dandelion Hypnotherapy is a new therapy business bringing Cognitive Behvioural Hypnotherapy to people to help with confidence, work related stress and other mental helath issues. With a successful career in HR, a coach and leader, Simona brings a unique perspective to work collaboratively with her clients to address, overcome and transform their mindset.

Fresh Edit helped Dandelion to create a vision for their digital presence, design a website that reflected Simona’s vibrant personality, and client first approach. We can hear from Simona about the outcomes.

1. What attracted you to work with Kerry & Fresh Edit?

The look and feel of Fresh Edit website and other sites Kerry did inspired good taste, quality work and professionalism. Also, in all my interactions with Kerry, she was extremely helpful and patient. Finally, the fact that she's understands and is also qualified as a hypnotherapist has been extremely valuable as she has a deep understanding what key messages to capture in the website.

2. How did you find the process working with Kerry?

The process was smooth. Kerry was very responsive throughout the process.

3. Did you achieve your outcomes and if so, please expand?

I did. I wanted a site that represented me and my business: caring, calming, reassuring, professional and at the same time friendly. After the initial version, Kerry took on board my feedback and comments and implemented them beautifully.

4. Would you recommend Kerry & Fresh Edit?

Absolutely yes. Kerry had done a great job. She is a great person to work with.

6. How else did Fresh Edit help launch your business?

Beside the web design, all the help she provided in linking the site to the domain, indexing it in Google and other technical stuff which I would have been so lost with, has been greatly appreciated :)

If you’re looking for a brand, digital website and marketing help to launch your new business, get in touch. Prices are offered for a range of budgets and we will create a totally bespoke solution to your business. Fresh Edit’s Digital Design process helps you navigate everything from design, technical and launch strategies. Get in touch for an obligation free chat today.


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