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Understanding your motivaters - tips for emerging female leaders

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Over the years, I've had the incredible privilege of guiding some truly remarkable women and rising stars in the business world. We've shared the same struggle of navigating the hurdles and frustrations that often come with our day-to-day professional lives. Amidst the plethora of advice on coping mechanisms, there's one fundamental principle I kick off every coaching session with—it's a game-changer for everyone I mentor.

While the idea of "do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life" sounds dreamy, let's face it, it's not always a smooth ride. Sometimes, we need to tackle and navigate the less glamorous aspects of our jobs to truly thrive in the areas that light us up.

Here's the golden rule I swear by and share with every mentee, and it's integral to my coaching philosophy:

Identify your top 3 non-negotiables or motivators.

What are the three things that are absolute must-haves for you to find joy and success in your job? Consider the list below for some inspiration, but take the time to define your unique trio.

Now, there might be more than three things on that list that resonate with you, but let's zero in on the essentials. When push comes to shove, what can you absolutely not live without? These are the anchors that will help you maintain focus and perspective.

Keep these '3 things' front and centre—remind yourself of them daily, maybe even plaster them on the wall by your desk. Why? Because it serves a few crucial purposes:
  1. On those tough days or when frustrations mount, revisit your 3 things. Ground yourself and remember what truly matters to YOU.

  2. Prevent getting entangled in other people's problems. Sure, they may have their issues, but you don't need to adopt them as your own. Your non-negotiables will guide you in distinguishing between what truly matters to you and what you can manage.

  3. Regularly coming back to these 3 things helps you gauge if it's time for a change. If one or more of your non-negotiables are compromised, it could be a sign that the company or role may no longer align with your values.

This approach acts as a powerful filter, cutting through the daily noise, providing clarity, and keeping you true to yourself.

female leader tips

One last piece of advice: make this exercise a regular practice. Review it when starting a new job, annually, or whenever a significant life change occurs. As a female leader developing and honing their skills, it's important to consider these tips and incorporate into your day to day. Remember, what holds importance for you now may not have been a priority in your previous role.

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If you still need help to gain clarity and focus in your career get in touch for an obligation free chat to see if we can work together. We offer coaching and mentoring support for leaders.


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