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Embracing your weaknesses - how a business coach, will help you.

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

I have poor attention to detail. My grammar is shocking. The grammar police chief (my sister) always picks up on all my mistakes.

But that doesn’t make me bad at my job. That doesn’t mean I can’t be successful in new skills.

I am however great at translating tech into laymen’s terms. I’m brilliant in a crisis. And put a problem in front of me I’ll find a few solutions that are all practical.

Not everyone has the same skills naturally and someone’s strengths may not be traditionally understood. But let’s start to accept & celebrate that!

We need to start challenging some preconceived ideas about what’s important when hiring and growing people.

“I won’t hire someone who has a spelling error in their cv”

Does that statement really have a place in our society now? Especially when perhaps, you’re hiring someone for their skills in a different language, a coding language for example (such as REACT, JavaScript). Perhaps developers are incredible at their technical work and creating incredible technical solutions, but written English isn’t their strong point.

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Or perhaps someone in your team has incredible face to face presentation skills, able to think on their feet and build relationships. But struggle with the detail.

As neurodiversity becomes more recognised and accepted, should we not start to recognise what that INDIVIDUAL can bring to that ROLE.

I’d love to get to a place where we face into our flaws / weaknesses and feel there’s a space where we don’t all measure ourselves against a set of rules decided many decades ago. And instead, we celebrate what you can do what you and what differentiates you. Really identity what you can bring to the table, knowing it may not be the same as others.

How many of you out there are confident you can state your flaws as confidently as your strengths?

Fresh Edit is a business coach helping female leaders gain confidence and clarity in their career.



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