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Surrey Business & Career Coaching

Evolving businesses & leaders for the future

Fresh Edit works with businesses, leaders and individuals to find their purpose, their voice and gain their confidence to embrace who they are and what they have to offer. We love working in 2 key areas:

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Career Coaching

121 Career Coaching to help you find your direction, overcome imposter syndrome and build confidence to embrace all you have to offer.

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Marketing Mentoring

Working with small & medium size businesses to launch, grow and scale through effective marketing strategies. 


Kerry Dawes Surrey Coach & Marketing Consultant

Kerry has extensive experience working with brands to grow their connected customer experience through a blend of Design, Tech & Data with an interest for all things digital.

​As a leader, she is passionate about making digital roles more accessible to rising stars, especially women who face barriers to enter this exciting industry. Kerry has built highly performing, connected teams and has worked with individuals for personal & career development. 

During this time she focuses typically on helping people identify and achieve their goals and gain confidence and clarity on their ambitions. She is also a true cheerleader and supporter for those people to pursue their goals but also establish what they really want to achieve be it tangible or behavioural.

Finally, having spent many years in a male dominated world, Kerry brings energy and leadership approaches to emerging female leaders to find their space in the future work environment and has helped those overcome the challenges they face.

As an individual she is a deeply inquisitive and curious person, full of energy and very open & honest.



"I met Kerry through the Women in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure’s mentoring programme. She is a genuine listener and offers helpful advice. Something I greatly appreciate is that she’s always willing to share her own past experiences and “lessons learnt”, be it at work or in life. Exchanging with Kerry has felt like a real 2 way relationship."


I was extremely fortunate to find a mentor like Kerry.  I had taken up the opportunity to request a mentor and I was paired up with Kerry and it was a great match. I worked with Kerry on a range of key areas I wanted to develop on. Kerry is supportive, knowledgeable and pragmatic in approach. Kerry is truly passionate about supporting people and helping them grow.
I highly recommend Kerry as a mentor. Thank you, Kerry, for all you taught me, it has served me well!"


"Kerry was not only a colleague demonstrating incredible leadership through a turbulent time in the business, but also a personal mentor who helped me reflect on my own career development. Kerry encouraged and supported me to continually challenge my own views of my capability and break down mental barriers for progression. Kerry as been a central part of my own personal development and I will continue to use her as this mentor throughout my career."

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